Terms & Conditions


Gibbon design will not take liability for anything we have not included in our calculations.


A site visit will not be included in our quotation unless otherwise stated. 


The majority of fee quotes will be issued with an estimated completion date, this is subject to availability and a written instruction to proceed maximum of 3 week prior to proposed completion date. 


We do not include for any client lead changes, if these are needed, they will be charged accordingly. 


Payment is required before issuing any documents. We will send our invoice a few days before your calculations will be complete. 


For planning permission, permitted development, building regulations and class Q, our fee is payable no matter what the outcome as we cannot guarantee any submission would be successfully passed by the council, each project is different, so the outcome is too. 


Spans and dimensions used in the calculations are to be checked on site prior to ordering any materials.


All temporary works are the responsibility of the contractor. Including the design of propping and lateral stability throughout the construction process. The client is responsible for hiring a competent contractor. 


All work should be signed off by a building inspector. 


Minor cracking in external mortar and internal plaster board may be experienced during and after the construction process. This may require re-decoration for aesthetic purposes and Gibbon Design take no responsibility for costs incurred. For further information regarding cracking refer to: 



If no prior ground investigation has been provided, certain assumptions may be made regarding finding reasonable bearing soils for trench fill foundations. The excavations are to be inspected by building control who may require deeper foundations to NHBC 4.2 - building near trees or an alternative foundation type (Piles etc.). A calculation or foundation depth drawing can be provided and any variation in the foundation type must be reassessed by Gibbon Structural Design at an agreed cost.