Frequently asked questions

Can I change my design after I have submitted a drawing?

We offer one free resubmission after you have had a chance to submit the documents to building control. They regularly come back with queries, which we may need to add to the drawings, so we recommend that you resubmit after you have had the queries from building control so there will be no addition fees from us.

How long does it take from submission to receiving the documents?

We aim to process the submission within 48 hours of submission through the website. The confirmation email will contain the method of payment. On completion of payment we aim to send you the calculations and drawings within one week.

What are the risks with this type of development?

We strongly advise that you contact a builder early in the process and get advice and guidance from their experience. We provide a comments section which you should use to give us information on any additional requirements or preference from the builder which we hope that we would be able to accommodate.

We have also provided a list of useful websites and recommendations so that you get as much assurance as possible before commencement of works. We also carry professional indemnity insurance for peace of mind. This can be provided on request.

What existing properties can the design be applied to?

The designs shown are applicable to properties up to two storeys in height, for domestic use only and only traditional solid masonry or cavity masonry walls.

Are all others exempt?

Yes, we can only accept the properties as described above. If you have a non-standard construction we would be happy to modify our drawings. But this may come at additional cost. And may require a site visit to assess the current structure.

Can I alter the design to something outside of the pre-set menu?

We are able to offer a full architectural service for any domestic extension if you have a different project which you would like us to look at, please feel free to contact us.

How much will I save?

A planning application as of 17th January 2018 costs £206 for alterations/extensions to a single dwelling house, including works within the boundary. This application can take up to 8 weeks for the planning department to process.

Architects fees are approximately £1000 + VAT for planning permission and another £1000 + VAT for building regulations, and that does not cover structural engineer’s fees.

You will still have to pay for a building regulations application, these vary as you can use either approved inspectors or you local authority building control. As a guide Coventry city council charge £335 for a building notice under 10m2 and £485 for up to £40m2 for a building notice.